Let Us Introduce Our Services To You


In Primeskills, we offer several services that could be solutions in Virtual Reality technology used in this digitalization era.


Virtual Exhibition is a new method that can take us into a virtual journey without having to come to a place physically. Primeskills presents exhibitions in digital form that can be accessed via the internet, presenting a real atmosphere like visiting an offline event. Virtual Exhibition provides a place for event organizers who are hindered by the pandemic to apply their events in the virtual world such as showcasing properties, bazaars and so on. The exhibition provides options for viewing entertainment, playing games, participating in webinars, and booths for various products and services for sponsors and media partners.


Virtual Tour is a new method that becomes an alternative solution for traveling lovers who want to experience traveling but are stuck in a pandemic situation. Not only about traveling, this virtual tour can be used to introduce the school or work environment for students or office workers who have never worked from office. Through these virtual walks, travelers can access tours anytime and anywhere according to their respective times.


Virtual reality training is a new learning method. Where we as users can do training without being bound by place and time because all the training process is done virtually. VR Training can minimize risk, learning becomes easier, fun and efficient and can be done anytime and saves training costs and various other benefits. Several fields that can be applied in this virtual softskills training include public speaking, leadership, customer service and so on.


Innovating to adapt to the times, Virtual Reality for Assessment is the latest way to recruit prospective employees virtually and remotely for recruiters. Using Virtual Reality, recruiters can adjust the characteristics they want to get from prospective employees such as employee performance, ability to work under pressure, their emotional and intelligence (EQ & IQ)


Being a pioneer in the field of Indonesian tourism, VR for Hospitality can be used to train the skills of prospective employees and hotel employees in virtual simulations or indirectly using Virtual Reality. The benefits they can get are getting to know various kinds of visitor behavior, how to properly serve visitors and places visited, as well as preparing them for various obstacles that usually arise and how to deal with these obstacles.