Immerse, Interact, Impact

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Currently, Primeskills provides VR solutions to deal with the COVID‑19 pandemic, especially on corporate training-banking. We are currently working on this VR corporate training solution together with one of the largest banks in Indonesia as our client, namely CIMB Niaga. With them, we provide several training modules that can help their employees understand important things that can happen during work time such as fire training, transactions with customers, how to deal with customers (phoning), etc.

At this point, the innovation of VR technology has gradually been recognized and used for effective and fun training, also learning. not just for playing games.

Petra Digital Institute collaborates with Primeskills to create a new learning methods that combines Visual Novel and Virtual Reality as the latest active learning media that is also more interesting such as the Learning Management System and Gamification which they apply in their learning methods.

With this methods, the user can also feel an immersive experience with the story in it, which makes the modules more interesting. In addition, with the demand to read the story, there are emotions highlights that allows the user choose what character and emotion they want to use. Not only that, with interactive comic visuals, the learning module will be even more exciting and interesting!