An Immersive Enterprise Learning with Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Primeskills presents a solution and fulfilling your business needs to be more adaptable, efficient, and scalable with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology. By prioritizing client satisfaction, we makes the communication process being an important part of the running project or collaborations that is worked on. So, we will make sure that all the solutions to be efficient in their application. We believe when employees learn by doing, they more engaged, better prepared, and develop new skills faster with data-driven insight. Also, we believe that development of those emerging technology will help immersive learning experiences, motivate employees to upskill their capabilities, and learn efficiently to become prime workers in the future.

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to achieve a future where people’s education is equal and distributed. We aim to achieve that future by studying, exploring, approaching, researching, our market’s needs, problems, and devise solutions together with them based on our immersive technology.

What is Immersive

Immersive learning is basically the process of how we learn with the usage of a simulated or an artificial environtment. This type of learning is becoming common with regards to online courses and learning. With immersive learning, learners have the ability to chooce their own learning destiny, and to manage, structure, also control the learning objectives, delivery, and outcomes.

What Makes Us Different

Primeskills brings changes in the world of education by using technology that will make it easier for clients to be more efficient in their applications with end-to-end product. By using VR Training technology, Primeskills combines a fun way of learning in a VR Headset with gamification technology that will keep the learners entertained in the process.

Cheers To Our Milestone!

  • AGS 2021

    Pembuatan VR Corner peratama di Indonesia

  • JUNI 2021

    Primeskills mengalami pertumbuhan pendapatan 7 kali lipat sejak tahun 2020

  • JAN 2021

    Primeskills mendistribusikan VR Headset ke 30 cabang CIMB Niaga

  • NOV 2020

    • ‘Seed funding’ dari UMG Idealab
    • Primeskills resmi menjadi distributor PICO dan Oculus isv
  • JULI 2020

    ‘Pilot Project’ VR Learning dengan CIMB Niaga

  • JUNI 2020

    Pembuatan Virtual Exhibition UMKM pertama di Indonesia

  • JAN 2020


  • 2019

    PrimeSkills mewakili Indonesia menghadiri acara China SME Belt and Road Event di Wei Hai, China

Meet Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for great work!